Community is one of the three pillars that Clover Garden was built on. We ask every Grizzly family to volunteer 4 hours a month (40 hours a year) to Clover Garden.  Each year, we ask parents to sign our Partnership Agreement, which asks families to donate this time.  Demonstrating respect for this contract is a clear requirement of Clover Garden’s original charter.

Looking to get involved? This is the page you’ll want to bookmark! 

Family Volunteering

How does the word get out?

Emails with volunteering opportunities are sent out through the Clover Garden email, as well as posted on Facebook.  If you feel you are not receiving the emails, please email the CGS tech support team.

How do I report my hours?

Parents: Families will use the MobileServe application to log volunteer hours. Scroll down on this page to find out more about the MobileServe app, including how to download it and how to set up your account. All parent volunteer hours for the 2019-2020 school year can be recorded between July 13th, 2019 and June 23rd, 2020.  Any time logged after the last day of school will not be counted.

I want to brag when I hit my 40!

Got you covered! You’ll be recognized in the newsletter and also receive a free car magnet to proudly display.

For instructions oh how to access and use MobileServe click here!

Students, if you volunteer, be sure to log your hours in your Mobile Serve app using the code for your graduating class.  Mobile Serve will create a “Service Resume” for you to use when applying for scholarships and colleges!