Student Automobiles

All student automobiles parked on the school grounds must be registered with the school and must display the current parking decal. Students must park in assigned student spaces.Student parking is limited to assigned student-parking areas. Parking is NOT allowed on the street. Parking spaces will be sold in priority: Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Vehicles parked improperly and/or without issued parking decals are subject to being towed from the school at the owner’s expense. No loitering or visitation in parking areas during the school day or during extra-curricular activities is allowed without permission from the front office. Students must gain permission from an administrator to go to their cars during the school day. The speed limit on campus is 5 mph. Speeding on campus could result in loss of driving privileges. 

General statements regarding student parking:

 Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right.

All students who drive must be licensed and properly insured. THE SCHOOL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE AUTOMOBILE OR ITS CONTENTS. The school retains authority to conduct routine patrols of student parking lots and visual inspections of the exteriors and interiors of student automobiles on school property.An administrator has the authority to search any vehicle on the CGS campus if a probable cause(s) exists whereby the safety or welfare of the students or staff are threatened or compromised. 


  1. Students must purchase a hangtag for $50.00 in order to park on campus. (Not pro-rated)
  2. Parking permit applications will be available to students who have a valid NCDriver’s License and proof of required automobile insurance coverage.
  3. All students who park a motor vehicle on the school campus must display the current parking permit. The issued parking sticker decal is to be displayed in the rear window or front windshield in plain sight.
  4. Vehicles are to be parked in the spaces and areas designated for student parking. Students will be assigned a parking area. Students may not park on the road, drive-way, or in any other place.
  5. If the student is using a different vehicle for more than five (5) days, a new registration form must be completed. There is no additional cost for changing vehicles. Registration may be changed in the front office.
  6. Vehicles parked improperly and/or without issued parking tags are subject to beingtowed from the school at owner’s expense.
  7. The safe operation of motor vehicles is required. Vehicles must not travel in excess of 5 miles per hour while on school property.
  8. Clover Garden School is not responsible for damages to or theft from vehicles. Students are cautioned NOT to leave valuables in their vehicles. Parked vehicles should be left with windows closed and doors locked.
  9. Student vehicles are subject to search and seizure per Clover Garden School policy.
  10. Students shall inform the office immediately of any changes in vehicle or license plate.
  11. Lost parking permits will be replaced for a $50.00 fee.  Report losses to the office.
  12. Clover Garden School policy prohibits the possession and/or use of tobacco products on campus. Students may not possess tobacco products or smoke in cars at any time while on the school campus.
  13. Students must have permission from the Director and a parent to leave the parking lot for any reason during school hours.
  14. Students who operate a motor vehicle on campus should fully understand their dutiesand responsibilities. Any violation of the Clover Garden School discipline policies can result in the loss of parking privileges.
  15.  Handicapped parking is available as needed on an assigned basis only. 

The following will result in the student’s loss of parking privileges:

  1. Violation of school rules.
  2. Failure to follow the rules concerning the operation or parking of a vehicle on theschool campus. Including reckless driving or speeding.
  3. Loitering in or around cars.
  4. Playing radio loudly on or around the campus.
  5. Going to a vehicle during school hours without permission from an administrator.
  6. Failure to maintain passing grades.
  7. Failure to operate a vehicle in a safe manner.
  8. Failure to maintain proper seating or vehicle capacity limits.
  9. Throwing litter or trash from a vehicle while on school campus.
  10. Causing disruption(s) while inside a vehicle while on school campus.
  11.  Failure to provide access to the inside of a car upon probable cause request by a school official.