Welcome Back!

I am very excited to begin this school year! I hope you have had an enjoyable summer break. I have had the opportunity to travel, spend time with my family, and do some summer reading. If you love the beach, like I do, I recommend visiting Botany Bay, a small natural pristine island off the coast of South Carolina. It is a very unique and restful island. 

Being the Math Specialist at Clover Garden School allows me the opportunity to use my previous job experiences: classroom math teacher multiple grades, curriculum facilitator, curriculum instructor, and curriculum writer all in one job. The math department at CGS has many wonderful surprises in-store for students, parents, and staff this school year. I am certain these surprises are going to strengthen the math instruction and help our students become more math fluent and better problem solvers.

I want to share some websites that will be beneficial for parents and students. For a complete list see my website it contains additional links for parents, students, and staff.

Elementary Math Links

Math Fluency and Problem Solving

TI-15 Calculators Grades 3-5 (provided for classroom usage) 

TI-73 Calculators Grade 6 (provided for classroom usage)

High School Math Links

4thMath Course, Problem Solving, and calculator understanding

TI-84 plus Calculators Grades 7-high school

All students in grades 7-12 are strongly encouraged to purchase a TI-84 plus calculator. Students will be able to use these calculators through college. If you cannot afford to purchase one, students will be allowed to check one out of the media center. This calculator can be purchased at Amazon. (This link is provided for your convenience.)

I am looking forward to working with our Clover Garden students in small groups, classroom inclusion, and/or planning/supporting our students’ teachers. Have a great school year.

Donna Rickard

Math Specialist 

Clover Garden School