Welcome to GRRRRReading at Clover Garden School. We offer a culture of literacy here at CGS that begins with the emergent reader in kindergarten, continues with our adolescent readers in middle school, and culminates with our seniors as they prepare for secondary education and beyond.  

Our English/Language Arts curriculum is standards based, and you can utilize the NCDPI Virtual Implementation Kit (VIK) to find resources for reading and writing in all grade levels. Please visit NCDPI for more information.  

As you know, developing positive reading behaviors begins at home. Here are a few tips to consider:
1. Model reading behaviors. It’s important that your children see the adults in their life read – for information, for pleasure, and for the love of reading! 
2. Talk about books. Ask your children about the books they read at school, and tell them about what you’re reading.
3. Visit libraries and book stores as often as you can and look for high interest material with your children. Sometimes a festive display will beckon even the most reluctant reader. 

Feel free to contact our Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs. Emily Reagan at emilyreagan@cgsnc.org at any time for reading resources and other ways to ensure that your child becomes a successful reader.