Welcome to the 22-23 school year,

We are so excited about this upcoming school year and have many important things to let you know about in the cafeteria world! 

We want to start by making everyone aware of a few changes/updates: 

  • Hot lunches this year will be $6.00
  • Bag lunches will continue to be $4.00
    • There will be 3 bag lunch options this year: 
      • PB and J sandwiches
      • Ham and Cheese sandwiches
      • Yogurt and cheese Lunch
  • There have been some price changes to the a’la cart items as well, please see the attached list
  • Hot lunches will be served beginning on August 1st, for the first 4 days of school please provide a lunch from home for your student or they can purchase a bag lunch from the cafeteria
  • Pre-orders for the month of August are available now, please go on to myschoolaccount.com and order lunches for August by Thursday July 28th at 5pm. 

Please see the attached August lunch menu. 

Please see the links below if you are in need of any assistance. 

How to create a myschoolaccount- https://youtu.be/0QZDU5Xm7zU

Student lunch numbers will be given out at open house, they are the same as last year. If you do not know this number and your child does not attend open house, please contact me via email. 

How to login and manage students- https://youtu.be/9vS7n4tnZ8s

How to deposit funds- https://youtu.be/13k29YnYuZw

How to preorder lunches- https://intercom.help/myschoolaccount_help_center/en/articles/2330998-place-a-pre-order

Please see above for adding funds to your student account. Please make sure your account is no more than $50 in the negative.  If your student’s account is more than $50 in the negative he/she will not be allowed to purchase a la carte items and charge them to their account.  

 Reach out if you have any questions.  (Melissa Quimby, Cafeteria Coordinator, melissaquimby@cgsnc.org