Clover Garden School’s Exceptional Children’s Program meets individual student needs through specially designed instruction and related service therapies for students identified with a disability under IDEA. Services are provided in settings with and without nondisabled students. Our students are challenged to show growth and make progress on their IEP goals. Through partnership, we strive to always make the best decisions for each child with the support and collaboration of parents, school staff, and other personnel/agencies as appropriate.  

Every Child can learn!” 

For programming and inquiries please contact Kirsten Garrison.  

For concerns regarding your child’s special education services, please contact your child’s EC Teacher/ classroom teacher/ service provider first.

Related service staff information:
OT: April Stewart
PT: Barbara Rands
Speech: Alice-Anne Harrison
HI: Elissa Rushton
VI: Sheryl Davis
EC Teachers: Aimee Gerringer, Danita Lackey, Melanie Newton
EC Coordinator: Kirsten Garrison  

Exceptional Children Division- NC
Students with Disabilities EC & 504
Testing Students with Disabilities