Today Autumn Wright steps into the Senior Spotlight. This young lady has been a Grizzly for the past eight years. She is an active part of the CGS arts community. She is an active volunteer in local and international organizations. We wish her all the best as she pursues higher education at UNCG!

What clubs and organizations have you participated in as a Grizzly?

Alamance Fine Arts Academy – Freshman and Sophomore Year
Burlington Academy of Dance and Arts – Junior and Senior Year
Beta – Freshman through Senior Year

Once you graduate high school, what is your college/career plan?

I aspire to be a Clinical Psychologist and practice in a impactful company/ establishment. I also hope to continue my love for the arts and nature throughout my life. I hope to create a life with a partner, this dream is to live in the mountains with plenty of animals. I am passionate about maintaining a strong relationship with my family as I move into adulthood, they will always be one of the most important things me. Lastly, I want to make an impact on the world, have a voice in my community, and be an advocate for the silenced and hurting.

Can you tell us about an experience or project in a class that impacted you and explain why it did?

My experience in Ceramic and Art fueled my passion for the arts, and taught me so much about the medium. I have so much love for Mrs. McCollister and the she puts into her courses, as well as her heart for teaching. Secondly Mr. Cheeks class taught me to find enjoyment and accomplishment in the learning process. I also have to give him major credit for making me actually enjoy the subject as a whole. I am so grateful for the growth that I was able to accomplish at that time. Mrs. Peel fed into my love for writing and literature. Countless papers and creative writings were super impactful to my sense of self and expression. I will forever be grateful for her impact through my high school experience.

Have you done any volunteer work outside of school?

Rejoice Dance Ministry – Freshman and Senior Year
Love Africa Mission – Summer 2021
Send Relief, Puerto Rica Mission Center – Summer 2021
Samaritan’s Purse, Shoebox Processing Center – 2022

What obstacles have you overcome during high school that has prepared you for the future?

During my high school years I have learned perseverance, time management, priorities, work ethic, and social skills.

How would people describe you? How do you describe yourself?

I think the people who are close so me would describe me as empathetic, caring, thoughtful, passionate, and creative. These are the people who know me best, so I would describe myself similarly. I have so much to be grateful for and so many of these traits are attributed to who my family and friends are as people, and as my support system.


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