Today we honor another ‘lifetime’ Grizzly,’ Kailey Brooks. She has been a Grizzly for the past 13 years. During her time as a Grizzly, she has participated in several academic opportunities. Take a moment to learn more about this young lady and her plans for the future. 

What clubs and organizations have you participated in as a Grizzly?

  • Junior Marshal 
  • Beta Club

Once you graduate high school, what is your college/career plan?

I plan on earning my associates in Graphic Design from ACC and opening my own logo design business.

Can you tell us about an experience or project in a class that impacted you and explain why it did?

One specific project I remember that affected me was a speech I did for public speaking. It was about what I was going through at the time, and it felt really good to get everyone’s support. 

What obstacles have you overcome during high school that have prepared you for the future?

Fake friends, drama, family & financial struggles.

How would people describe you? How do you describe yourself?

Reserved, fun, trustworthy, and willing.


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