Today Hunter Lackey steps into the Grizzly Senior Spotlight. This young man has been a Grizzly for the past five years, and in that time, he has accomplished a lot! We are proud of his hard work and wish him all the best as he graduates.

What clubs and organizations have you participated in as a Grizzly?

I participated in Envirothon during my freshman and senior years.

Once you graduate high school, what is your college/career plan?

I plan to go to ACC to finish my basic classes for a year and a half, then go to UNCG for two years and complete their biology and pre-veterinarian course. Once I finish at UNCG, I will transfer to NC State to become a veterinarian.

Can you tell us about an experience or project in a class that impacted you and explain why it did?

Doing different career projects throughout my school years has allowed me to learn more and more about becoming a veterinarian and has made me want to become one.

Have you held any leadership roles on or off campus?

The role of being a high schooler has shown me how to be a leader for younger students and how to act.

What obstacles have you overcome during high school that has prepared you for the future?

The process of getting my license has prepared me a lot for the future, and getting through Mr. Cheek’s math classes has prepared me a lot too. But one of the biggest obstacles is Mrs. Wilson’s Civics class. It has prepared me the most.

How would people describe you? How do you describe yourself?

People would describe me as very quiet, strong, and kind.


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