In recent days the COVID-19 virus and more specifically the Delta variant has caused a significant spike in the number of COVID cases in our area. With this concerning fact, Clover Garden is increasingly concerned for the safety of its students, faculty, and staff. We have mitigations in place for the protection of all our stakeholders. However, it is crucial that students abide by the mask mandate and social distance.

Proper use of a face mask includes covering the nose and mouth. Masks should only be removed to eat or drink. Masks are not required when outside but students should practice safe social distancing. We understand that people have varying views on the effectiveness of masks but Clover Garden has a policy in place that we are enforcing as such. Your student MUST keep their mask in place at all times. Students that are not in compliance and are repeat offenders may have this behavior escalated to a discipline issue. Again these measures are in place to keep our community safe.

Please remind your students and loved ones of the three W’s. The more careful we are as a community the more we can do to protect those that we love.

To stay up to date on current case numbers and other data as it applies to COVID-19 please refer to the COVID-19 North Carolina Dashboard and the CDC COVID Data Tracker.


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