Due to COVID-19 teachers and students, alike have found themselves in the unknown territory of distance learning. Just because something is new doesn’t mean it can’t be AWESOME! For instance, Mrs. Mehring’s middle and high school chorus students have been hard at work combining technology and music! To share the standard that requires students to, “Create simple rhythmic and/or melodic compositions using a variety of traditional and non-traditional sound, notational, and technological sources.” Mrs. Mehring’s students used Google’s Chrome Music Lab.

The results from this assignment are nothing short of extraordinary! Take a moment to listen to our Clover Garden Grizzlies as they rock out in the Chrome Music Lab. (Each student’s name is linked to their composition. No sign-in is necessary to listen.)

G. AllenMiddle School Chorus
B. IdolMiddle School Chorus
L. PageMiddle School Chorus
W. ModlinMiddle School Chorus
C. BristowMiddle School Chorus
Danny BealMiddle School Chorus
A. SmithHigh School Chorus
D. WilkersonHigh School Chorus
K. BrooksHigh School Chorus

C. AdamsMiddle School Chorus
H. MahaffeyMiddle School Chorus
S. SharpeMiddle School Chorus
H. RussellMiddle School Chorus
C. SmithHigh School Chorus
J. BuonkrongHigh School Chorus
R. MorganHigh School Chorus

Way to go Mrs. Mehring for being innovative in the classroom and integrating this fun technology! Another shout out to our super talented Grizzlies…ROCK ON!

Your student can try their hand at composing with this free tool as well. You will need the Google Chrome browser, no Google account or sign-in is necessary!


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