Christine Norton, Middle/High School, Teacher


I've wanted to be a teacher for almost as long as I've wanted to be an artist, since about the 4th grade. There are some things in life you just know.

Elementary & Middle: Campbell Hall in Studio City, CA

High School: Westlake School for Girls in Homby Hills, CA

UCSB for general undergraduate courses

Art Center College of Design for a BFA in Fine Arts & Illustration

UNCG for my Teacher's License

NCCU for my Masters in ED

I have a small but wonderful family consisting of a very supportive sister and brother in law, a 26 year old son, two grown up nieces with their spouses, a nephew and his spouse, two adorable doggies and a goat.

The things I do for fun are; spend time with family and friends, paint pictures, walk by the river with my pets and shoot wildlife photographs, volunteer in the stagecraft departments for local theatrical productions, and read! This is the path that has unfolded for me It may lead to the forest or it may lead to the sea I’m not always sure why, but my heart tells me it’s right and that if I stay the course I’ll spread love and shed light

Christine Norton