Parents, please see the note below from our school nurse, Nurse Corbett. The PDF attachment shows the uptick in statistics for current respiratory illnesses in NC. Please remember to keep your student at home if they are feeling ill or showing signs/symptoms of illness. We also remind you to send your student to school with warm coats and jackets as our temperatures have dropped lately. If your family is in need of clothing such as jackets or coats, please let us know.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Keeping a sick child at home from school is a responsible and considerate decision that prioritizes their well-being and the health of the school community. When a child is unwell, their ability to focus, learn, and participate in school activities is compromised, which can hinder their academic progress and potentially lead to the spread of illness to classmates and teachers. Rest and recovery are crucial for a swift and complete healing process. Allowing a sick child to stay home provides them with the necessary time to recuperate, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring a faster return to full health. By keeping an unwell child at home, parents not only safeguard their child’s health but also contribute to maintaining a healthier and more productive learning environment for everyone at the school. Communication with the school about the child’s absence ensures that teachers are aware of the situation and can provide any necessary support for missed assignments or lessons, fostering a collaborative and understanding educational community.