It is time to turn our Senior Spotlight on to another ‘Lifetime Grizzly,’ Will Oldham. Will has been a very active member of the CGS community participating in multiple sports and extracurricular clubs and activities. Recently Will signed with Guilford College and plans to major in cybersecurity and information technology. We are excited about what the future holds for this young man as a Quaker and beyond.

What clubs and organizations have you participated in as a Grizzly?

  • Student Council
  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior-Sergeant at Arms, SENIOR- President
  • Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Years
  • FCA
  • Junior & Senior Years
  • Junior Civitan
  • Junior,  SENIOR-Vice President
  • BETA Club
  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, & Senior
  • Envirothon
  • Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, & Senior

What are your goals after college? Are you aspiring towards a particular job or practice area? 

I aspire to be in charge of cyber security for a large corporation.

What obstacles have you overcome during high school that has prepared you for the future?

A recent obstacle for me was my brother going to college and leaving home. I knew the day would come eventually because he was smart and determined all his life. He became the first person in the family to make it to a four-year university, and I could not have been any prouder. I tried my hardest to prepare myself for his leaving, but that first week without him by my side was a nightmare. I would come home sometimes and try to tell him about my day, but only his dark empty room was there. It was heartbreaking for a while and left me mentally drained. This school year has been the hardest for me because it feels like I lost a big part of my life. We have been together since I can remember, and now I may see him once or twice a month. I noticed I was not like myself, my grades were not the same, and some things that used to make me happy did not have the same effect. Learning to deal with missing my brother while he is away at college has been a challenge, but we stay in contact as much as possible. We can Facetime, text, and even play video games online together when we both have free time. This has greatly helped me, but nothing beats our time together. We always have more fun when we spend time together in person.

How would people describe you? How do you describe yourself?

I am somewhat shy but ambitious, competitive, and athletic. I set goals for myself and work hard to achieve them in all aspects of my life. I would agree I am a competitive athlete and gamer. 


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