Name: Summer Randleman

How many years have you been a student at CGS?

I came my senior year, midway through. I didn’t even have the chance to be here for a full year.

What clubs, organizations, teams, etc have you been involved with during your high school career?

At my old school, I was a FROGS member. That was just a Freshman Orientation Guide. I got to show newcomers around the school, prep them for classes, and hopefully get them to feel a little more comfortable about coming to the school.

What is your favorite Clover Garden memory?

When I met Tyler Thornton, Tucker Edmonds, and Lauren Blankenship. Coming here as the new kid and pretty much EVERYONE knowing who you are, without knowing anyone back is super scary and nerve-racking. On my first day walking into Ms. Peel’s class, Lauren instantly jumped into inviting me to sit with her, and she allowed me to feel comfortable right away. Tucker and I had almost every class together. We first started off talking in math because my school didn’t teach the students as well, so I was behind. Tucker had no problem helping me with math, even when I asked questions about something with a simple answer. Tyler and I had Spanish together. He stood out from the rest of the class mainly due to how talkative he is. He was one of the very few people in the class who understood what was being said in Spanish, and so he and I started to talk so he could help me in Spanish class. Eventually, Tucker, Tyler, and I got really close and those were my top two buddies but, looking back I realize that without Tyler, Tucker, and Lauren, I wouldn’t have met nearly as many people I did, nor would I have the amazing friends that I have today. I am very thankful for those 3 because they allowed me to actually make friends, feel the most welcomed, and not be scared to be the new kid anymore. They accept me for who I am and don’t see me as the new kid, or however people saw me when I first walked into school.

If you had to choose one person from CGS that has really made a difference in your life who would that be?

Mrs.Paylor. Without her, I wouldn’t have even thought about coming to CGS.

If you had to choose two people from outside CGS that have made a difference in your life who would they be?

My mom has been there for me through every little thing that has happened in my life. She has always tried her very best to make sure that I was taken care of, safe, happy, had what I needed, and guide me down the right path in life. My mom has put so many of her needs and wants to the deepest part of the ocean, to make sure that I was okay. She is also one of my top supporters and makes sure to tell me how proud of me she is. I have so much to thank my mom for, and I know that I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the person I am today without my mom. Another person I have to be thankful for in my life would be my brother. My brother has also done his very best to make sure that I am taken care of. My brother is one of the only people in my life that would drop EVERYTHING for me in a heartbeat. He has been through a lot and has done his very best to make sure I don’t go down the same path or end up experiencing the things he had to experience. My brother and I have such a strong bond that even with all of the problems we faced over the years, he always lets me know that he loves me and that he’ll be there for me. I am always able to just call and talk to him about anything, go to him about anything I’m struggling with, and just feel like I will never have to worry about going through anything alone. When I ask him questions, he sits down with me and explains them in detail, instead of making me feel like I’m asking a stupid question. I really appreciate him and everything he has done for me. Without my brother, I really think that I would be a little lost in life, cause I wouldn’t have a best friend without him.

What is your plan for after graduation?

I’m not really sure about a college yet but, I think I might want to do something with photography. I think that it would be really cool to travel the world, see different places, and get paid to take photos that you would more than likely take anyways. I also see it as a way to be able to see all kinds of animals. I love animals and I wanted to be a vet, but I mentally couldn’t take seeing the condition some of the animals would be in.


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