We apologize but there will be a slight delay on the distribution of report cards originally scheduled for Friday, January 15th, 2021 for Middle and High School.

Unfortunately, we are working out issues related to Canvas not matching PowerSchool and are working diligently to correct and fix the errors. We do not want to send you an inaccurate report card, so we appreciate your patience with us as we correct the glitches between the two systems and ensure the accuracy of the two. A new date for pick up will be shared in Sunday’s message. Any report cards not picked up will be mailed home.

Elementary K-5 report cards are good to go and are ready for pick up as originally scheduled for this Friday, January 15th.

Thank you for your continued patience with us during this time.

(Reminder that PowerSchool will continue to be “inactive” until we are able to release Q2 grades on report cards)
(You are still able to access your student’s current progress this quarter by logging into Canvas while PowerSchool is inactive)