Everyone is doing a fantastic job of working hard this second quarter. Parents, thank you for checking in after your students to ensure they are completing their assignments and participating in their online work. Our teachers are more than happy to schedule conferences with you if you have questions or concerns about your student’s work. There are only 4 ½ short weeks left of this second quarter. Please continue to ensure your student is completing all school work, participating in daily instructional videos or Canvas Conferences, and reaching out to their teacher if they do not understand their instruction. All 2nd Quarter work will be due prior to the holiday break (12/18). Please help your student plan accordingly by enforcing a daily routine for them to get their work completed. Thank you for your help with this!

Canvas Conference/Zoom Meetings:

Parents, please make sure that your student(s) are attending all of their Canvas Conference calls or Zoom meetings. These conferences are a live opportunity to ask their teachers questions or concerns during remote learning. We’ve noticed a few concerning things when our students are participating in these live instruction opportunities that I wanted to make you aware of to keep an eye on:

  • Students not participating or showing up for the conference late and NOT watching the recording later.
    • Teachers can check Canvas Analytics to let you know if your student is or is not participating in the Canvas Conference Calls. They can also see if the student missed the conference but did or did not go back and watch the recording later.
  • Students dressed inappropriately (no shirts, or laying in their beds under the covers in their bedrooms)
    • Students in their beds is NOT school appropriate
    • Students not wearing appropriate clothing for video calling is NOT allowed
    • Students laying down during the conference on their pillows or under covers/blankets is NOT school appropriate
  • Students not paying attention
    • Students looking around on camera not following along with the teacher
    • Students not turning on their cameras to engage with the teacher/class
  • Distractions in the background
    • People walking around
    • Noises being heard to all because all students aren’t on “mute”.
  • Students sending messages to each other using the Canvas online messaging system
    • Students sending messages to one another asking them to “meet” in different Zoom rooms
    • Students sending inappropriate messages to other students

Thank you for your help in addressing some of these concerns with your student(s) and helping us eliminate the issues that we are noticing that can be detrimental to your student’s learning during this time. Please make sure students are up and ready for their conferences and dressed as they would be if they were “in school”. This will help with the mind-set and focus while students are working from home. Students need to have a “work” space at home where they are working on school work and know that’s their “work station” for the day until their work is completed.

Progress Reports:

Progress Reports for Quarter 2 for all CGS students in K-12 will be available for pick up on Monday, November 16th from 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. Progress Reports will also include the following information that may or may not apply to your student:

  • NCVPS Progress Report (if your student is enrolled in an online NCVPS course)      
  • Check in Reports (for any students that did not pick up theirs last week)
  • Attendance Letter (for those students with excessive absences and are in violation of the compulsory attendance law)
  • Attendance Report (gives you an update to any absences your student has this school year especially this quarter)
  • All A Honor Roll Certificate (for those students that successfully made all A’s on the 1st 9 weeks report card!)
  • A/B Honor Roll Certificate (for those students that successfully made all A’s and B’s on the 1st 9 weeks report card!)      
  • Perfect Attendance Certificate (for those students with perfect attendance the 1st 9 weeks!)

Material Distribution:

-On Monday, November 16, 2020,  we will have another distribution of materials for students. If your student has any of the courses listed below, please make sure that you come by campus and pick up their materials. Please stay in your vehicle and we will bring the material out to you. Please enter from the Burch Bridge Road entrance and travel around the building to the front circle. We request that you wear your face mask while interacting with our faculty/staff and that you remain 6 feet apart to social distance. If you’ve been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for Covid-19 or if you have symptoms of Covid-19 yourself, please do not come on campus. Thank you for helping us keep our faculty/staff safe!

 Students with last names A-M will need to pick up materials from 9:00 A.M. until 12:00 P.M.

Students with last names N-Z will need to pick up materials from 1:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M.

Materials needing to be picked up from students on: Monday, November 16, 2020  
Lisa WilsonENGLISH I-Honors 5th BlockStudents need to RETURN the Anthem novels in the same baggie or in one with their name on it  
Leslie Savage & Leslie LongThird GradeTurn in notebook paper they worked their problems out on for their last math test! Also need to pick up materials for ELA and Thanksgiving.  


Please refer to the email sent out on November 4th in regards to details on our sports season this year for Middle and High School athletes. The Mandatory Student Athlete Basketball and Boys Soccer Try Out Forms are due tomorrow, November 16th.

Parents must fill out the Mandatory Student Athlete Basketball and Boys Soccer Try-out Form –  In order to get the process moving, we are requiring anyone in middle school or high school who plans on trying out for Girls and Boys basketball and Boys’ soccer to complete this form no later than Monday, November 16, 2020. You will not be permitted to try-out if the form has not been submitted by the due date. After the Athletic Director, Kelly Moyer, receives the forms, she will be contacting each of you via email for further directions on the mandatory packet of forms as well as the mandatory parent, athlete and coaches zoom meeting.

Finals and Mid-Terms:

An updated exam schedule for the week of December 14th will be sent out soon!

Feedback Opportunities:

Here’s a reminder of the documents available to provide questions, concerns, or comments during remote learning.

Here’s a reminder of the documents available to provide questions, concerns, or comments during remote learning.

 Questions about Canvas?

Email canvasassistance@cgsnc.org

 Questions about Technology?

Email techsupport@cgsnc.org