Elisabeth Sharpe

Today we spotlight the Valedictorian of the Class of 2020. Over the past several weeks we have celebrated 35 remarkable individuals and today is no different. Ms. Elisabeth Sharpe started her academic journey with Clover Garden and has been a treasured member of our community for thirteen years. Her kind spirit and keen intellect have helped distinguish her among her peers.

During her high school years Elisabeth participated in Beta Club, Spanish Club, Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, Theatre, and Art. In addition to her Clover Garden activities Elise is a member of the Praise Team at Burlington First Wesleyan Church and participates in community theatre. She also dances Ballet, Tap and Pointe at the Center of Preforming Arts.

This Fall Elisabeth will continue her education at the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. She plans to major in computer science with a concentration in game development, as well as a minor in theater. She stated that “After graduating college, I hope to start a career working for a company that creates games a wide variety of people can enjoy or one that programs educational games for children. I’m also determined to remain active in the theater scene during my college career and throughout my life after I graduate.” Elise, there is no doubt you have a plan and the skills to execute it.

When asked what she thought the legacy of the Class of 2020 will be Elise replied, “The Class of 2020 will be remembered as the class that, together, stayed brave, resilient, and strong in the face of great uncertainty.” Very well put.

As Elisabeth reflected back over her years as a Grizzly she could not choose just one favorite memory to share. In fact, she said, “The time I spent at Clover Garden School was filled with wonderful memories. It’s impossible to pick just one! So much of my time here was filled with joy, compassion, and meaning. I’ll always treasure each and every memory of the time I spent here in my heart.”

Like our other seniors, Elisabeth wanted to take a moment to thank those people that have made a positive impact on her life while at Clover Garden. Elisabeth chose to thank the following people, “I’ve encountered so many incredible individuals who’ve influenced me greatly throughout my time here! There are so many amazing people who deserve my thanks, but if I could only choose a few I’d like to thank my parents, Mrs. Morris, Ms. Mehring, and Mrs. Savage. My parents have always been there for me when I needed them, supported me through every change, and encouraged me through every decision. Mrs. Morris inspired me in my pursuit of the performing arts, encouraged me to chase my dreams, and was always nearby when I needed a friend. Despite knowing Ms. Mehring for a short time, she has become a very loving, open inspiration to me, welcoming every one of her new students, and myself, with compassion, energy, and a smile. Throughout my years at Clover Garden, Mrs. Savage has always been so positive and encouraging to myself and others, remaining a beacon of optimism to everyone around her. I want to thank them all so much for being a part of my life here at Clover Garden School and for inspiring me to be the best I can be.”

Elise as you conclude your high school journey please remember your Clover Garden family is tremendously proud of you and can’t wait to see where life takes you. You will no doubt thrive and NCSU! Congratulations!


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