Distance learning may seem like a ton of screen time, typing, and Zoom meetings. For Mrs. Emily Reagan, one of our high school science teachers this isn’t the case. She is keeping her students engaged with hands-on projects such as the one shown below.

As the academic winds down Mrs. Reagan’s students are finishing their final unit. This unit is all about Astronomy. Mrs. Reagan said, “Their assignment was to construct a poster that showed how the Earth rotates around the Sun and what that means for us!”

Our Grizzlies had to graphically display where North and South America are located, as well as the North and South Pole, and Equator. They also had to demonstrate an understanding of rotation, revolution, and orbit as they relate to the Earth.

Last but certainly not least they had to tie all these concepts together and explain the characteristics of the Autumnal Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Winter Solstice. 

To engage her student’s creative side Mrs. Reagan required posters. Great arts integration and the final results are looking great! Keep up the great work Grizzlies!