Kenan Savage

This afternoon we turn our senior spotlight to a young man that has been a Grizzly since Kindergarten, Kenan Savage. During his high school years, Kenan was a founder and leader in the Geek Club. During his senior year, he was voted Homecoming King! Kenan was also an active participant in the CGS journalism, art, and photography departments, as well as Spanish Club, and GSA.

After graduation Kenan plans to, “…enroll in community college before transferring to a University. After that, my time and energy will be focused on concurring planet Earth and becoming it’s new evil master. Oh, and writing.” Kenan’s whit is matched only by his sense of humor!

As he thought back over his years spent at Clover Garden Kenan stated, “I can’t really narrow it down (one favorite memory), but my top four are Prom 2019, winning Homecoming King 2019, founding and leading Geek Club, and forming my group of incredible friends.” Those are great memories and we are glad that you made them as a Grizzly.

When asked who he would like to thank for their help and support through is academic journey thus far Kenan stated, “My Mother and Father, who always supported and encouraged my dreams, no matter how outlandish. Mrs. Baxter, who taught me that anything can be accomplished if you give it your all. And Ms.Peel, who helped me evolve Geek Club into its highest form it’s ever been, and under her continued guidance, will help it grow even more long after I’m gone.”

Kenan, as you start this new chapter in the Book of Kenan your CGS family is super proud of you and can’t wait to see how your plans for concurring Earth work out! Seriously, we know you will do great things!


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