Abigail Peel, High School, Teacher


Below is a quick bio to help you learn more about Ms Peel.

My cat, Taffy, is sweeter than your cat ever will be.

I got into education because I love learning and I love my content. I stay in education because I love my students.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Elon University in 2017 as a Teaching Fellow. I am entering my third year of teaching at Clover Garden and in the summers, I teach with Duke TIP.

I am a big reader, but I also follow movies and videos games. I am a self-proclaimed nerd. In addition, I love horseback riding when I have the opportunity.

A quote that I love comes from J.K Rowling’s, Harry Potter, "'I think so,' said Professor McGonagall dryly, "We teachers are rather good at magic, you know.'"

English II, English IV, Sociology, Journalism