Gladys Graves, Middle School, Teacher


Widow. Was married 34 years to Hilton "Chuck" Graves of Yanceyville, NC 1 brother, Michael and 2 sisters, Marian and Angela Prince Fowler Graves (my pet dog)

My 34 years career offered me opportunities to impact education in the classroom, at the University level, as the leader of the state's largest educational organization, and with a non-profit that truly changed how we prepared teachers for the classroom. 

1969 BA Elementary Education, Shaw University, Raleigh, NC

1993 MA Educational Administration and Supervision, North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC

16 years teaching, 1 year in Caswell county and 15 years in Guilford County 

1 year, President, NC Association of Classroom Teachers

2 years Vice President, NC Association of Educators

2 years President, NC Association of Educators

4 months, Deputy Director, Terry Sanford for US Senator Campaign

2-1/2 years, Director of Alumni Relations and Institutional Research, Shaw University

17 years, Director, NC Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program, Public School Forum of NC

I enjoy canning and cooking, especially baking. But, to be honest, my favorite thing to do, that requires little effort, is to watch TV.

"God Don't Like Ugly" or My life long goal is to "put Blanch on the map." You might use "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

7th Social Studies, 8th Social Studies, 6th Science