Melissa Quimby, Support Staff, MTSS Coordinator/Elementary Teacher


Below is a quick bio to help you learn more about Mrs. Quimby. I am married to Adam Quimby who owns a construction company and we have 3 daughters; Makayla who is 13, Savannah who is 11, and Madison who is 9. Teaching was something that I was drawn to at an early age. It was probably at about age six that I realized teaching was in my future, just about the time my younger sister was old enough to sit still for thirty minutes so I could read a book to her. Watching students grow and learn new things has always been my passion. I love to see them succeed and help them through their struggles. Teaching is definitely in my heart. I graduated from Elon university in 2003 with a bachelor's in education and a minor in psychology. I have taught in two schools and five different grade levels over the last sixteen years. Currently I am earning an AIG licensure add on at Elon University. Usually if you see me outside of work I am surrounded by a handful of children and some friends. We enjoy four wheeling, sunshine, hiking, playing cards, and most of all laughing. I also enjoy making t-shirts and doing arts and crafts. A quote that I have always found inspiring is, "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way." -- Whitney Houston