What is the daily cost for school lunch?

This year our lunches will cost $3.75 everyday except on Culture Days when the charge is $4.00. This cost includes the lunch as described on the menu and choice of milk (fat free, 1% or chocolate) or small bottled water.

What is the CGS policy for lunch account balances?

Administration and Cafeteria Staff have instituted a new account balance policy.  Any account with a negative balance reaching $50 will be blocked from making a la cart purchases.  Even if your student’s Lunch ID card allows them to buy, they will not be permitted.  Once the account balance is brought back into compliance, they will be allowed to make purchases again.  As in past years we will be using myschoolaccount.com to handle pre-ordering and account balances.  You can log-in to this system at any time to check your Grizzlies purchase history, place pre-orders, add funds, or transfer money between siblings.

How far in advance must I place pre-orders?

Another policy that is continuing from previous years is that all pre-orders must be placed seven days in advance.  Students with no pre-order will not be allowed to purchase a catered lunch.  We will have bag lunches available.  We currently have three bag lunch options. If you need help setting up or using myschoolaccount.com please let me know.

Can I have lunch with my Grizzly?

We love when parents, grandparents and other family members can come in and have lunch with their student!  Once you arrive onsite please register with the Security Office.  All visitors must prominently display a visitor's badge before entering the school.  Once registered please join us in the Cafeteria.  One of our staff can direct you to a reserved Guest table. We ask that your child choose no more than one classmate to join you as to make sure we have enough seating to accommodate all guests. If you would like to purchase a school lunch from the Cafeteria, please provide at least twenty-four-hour notice. If you know in advance that you are visiting, you can pre-order a lunch via your student’s myschoolaccount.com.

Are pre-orders required for Danny's French fries?

Danny's French Fries will be available for purchase on any day that we were hamburgers or hot dogs. No pre-order is necessary for the purchase of fries only. If you wish for your child to purchase this item please make sure their Lunch ID card is marked and that their account is in good standing,

What is the policy regarding lunch ID cards?

The Cafeteria will continue to offer a la carte items.  These items include fruit cups, granola bars, cookies, nutri-grain bars, chips, ice-cream and more.  Your middle and high school Grizzlies must have their Lunch ID card each day to make extra purchases.  In past years we have not been very strict on this rule.  However, students are now very familiar with this process and will be held accountable for presenting their cards each time.  If a middle or high school student loses their ID card, they will be charged $1.00 per re-print.  This charge is an effort to help our students be more responsible. Elementary students should have their Lunch ID card attached to their bookbag at all times.  This will help during Breakfast service as our cashier can check the cards to make sure students have approval for making a la carte purchases.  In elementary school a la carte purchases are handled in the classroom. Please make sure the Lunch ID card is filled out at Open House. A master list of parent directive is made at the beginning of the year. I your directive changes after the beginning of school please let your elementary aged student's teacher and the cafeteria staff know of the change.

Can my student hang out in the cafeteria before class?

No.  If your child is not buying breakfast in the Cafeteria they should report to the Gym before the bell.  Students are not allowed to ‘hangout’ in the morning before the bell.

Does CGS have a food sharing policy?

Yes, please speak with your child about the dangers of sharing food. Clover Garden has several students that have food allergies. Most of these students are aware of their allergy but we must be as careful as possible to maintain every child's safety.

What is the CGS policy on food brought into the cafeteria for class events?

For special occasions such as birthdays we ask that cupcakes, cake, etc be served in the classroom.  Classroom teachers are well aware of food allergies in their classroom.  Also, any food item brought into CGS needs to be store bought. This helps teachers have a label to refer to when checking for possible allergy interactions.  These two policies are designed to keep all of students healthy and safe.