Name: Cameron Cobb

How many years have you been a student at CGS?

7th grade year

What clubs, organizations, teams, etc have you been involved with during your high school career?

Beta, FCA, Baseball, Envirothon, Basketball

What is your favorite Clover Garden memory?

Bus rides with Baseball team

If you had to choose one person from CGS that has really made a difference in your life who would that be?

Coach Dodson, was a great coach who coached me through my last baseball season.

If you had to choose two people from outside CGS that have made a difference in your life who would they be?

Mom and Dad, my mom and dad helped me with any problems that I had during school and were there to support me in different activities.

What is your plan for after graduation?

I plan to finish 2 years at community college and then transfer to NC State.