Name: Lauren Blankenship

How many years have you been a student at CGS?

I started Clover Garden in pre-k so I’ve been there for 14 years.

What clubs, organizations, teams, etc have you been involved with during your high school career?

I have been in Color Guard for 4 years. I also was in Spanish Club and National Honors Society for Spanish.

What is your favorite Clover Garden memory?

When I finally realized that high school is just like a reality TV show. I realized that sometimes you will have fake friends but you will also find your lifelong best friends. When you watch a reality TV show you normally only watch it for the drama. High school is the exact same.

If you had to choose one person from CGS that has really made a difference in your life who would that be?

Mrs. Ballard, I first met her this year as I am her Teacher Cadet. I immediately knew that we were going to be best friends just from talking to her once. Every morning I go in and she’s always there to listen to my rants.

If you had to choose two people from outside CGS that have made a difference in your life who would they be?

The first person that really impacted my life would be my mom, Debbie Vernon. She took me under her wing when I was at the lowest part of my life and made me feel like her own child. The second person would have to be Christina Wilson. She was the ONLY person to ever get me to understand math. She was also one of the only teachers that I was really close to. She understood me even when I never really understood myself.

What is your plan for after graduation?

I will be attending Western Carolina pursuing a Criminology major.


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