This is the last week before our second Academic Break. Please make sure that you are reminding your students that ALL work must be turned in and completed this week. Work is due by Friday, 10/1. Do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute. Report Cards will go out in October for Quarter 1.

Covid-19 Updates:

  • This past week was not a great one for us at CGS in regards to Covid-19. Covid-19 infiltrated our athletics program and quickly placed a group of our students in quarantine. Please make sure that you are reminding your student of the importance of mask-wearing properly and at all times. Wearing their masks properly and consistently helps keep them in the building! Due to the increasing Covid-19 numbers and concern for the winter months ahead, CGS has decided to begin Covid-19 testing on site. This testing option is voluntary for our CGS families, but is another step in helping to keep our students on campus. We will be releasing additional details in regards to what “Covid-19 testing” will look like at CGS. We are looking to try and add additional layers of protection and mitigation strategies as we can to keep our students on campus and keep them healthy. If your student is vaccinated, please reach out to Mrs. Cox so that we can add a copy of their vaccination card to their student medical records for reference in the case that they are identified as a close contact to a positive Covid-19 case. We appreciate your continued diligence in keeping your student out of school and at home if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19. If you have been exposed to Covid-19 and/or your student is a close contact, please do not WAIT to contact the school. That puts other students in danger if we are not able to complete our contact tracing in a timely manner and remove students from the classroom before potential spread of the virus. We appreciate your patience as we continue navigating this pandemic.

Here’s a quick glance at the week:

Monday, September 27

Biology Check In

4:00 Walk Thru/4:30 Start MS Cross Country @ Cornerstone Charter (On Campus)

4:00     MS Boys Soccer HOME vs. Chatham Charter (Springwood #4)

4:00     Varsity Boys Soccer @ Woods Charter (Briar Chapel Park #4)

Tuesday, September 28

HS Midterm- 2nd Period

4:30 Walk/5:00 Start Varsity Cross Country @ Southern Wake Academy (Harris Lake County Park, New Hill)

Wednesday, September 29

HS Midterm- 3rd period

4:00 Walk/4:30 Start MS Cross Country @ Chatham Charter (On Campus)

4:30     MS Boys Soccer @ Chatham Charter  (On Campus)

4:00     Varsity Boys Soccer @ Southern Wake Academy (Trinity Soccer Complex)

Thursday, September 30

HS Midterm- 5th period

Friday, October 1 – Early Release Day (Dismissal at NOON)

4:00     Varsity Boys Soccer HOME vs. Hawbridge (Fairchild Park)

5:00     MS Boys Soccer @ Kestrel Heights (Snow Hill Road Park)

Clover Garden School Mission Accepted Program

  • Middle and High School Students will kick off our “Mission Accepted” program and initiative on October 1st 2021. This NEW program is aimed in helping our students prepare for their long-term futures. Mission Accepted is designed to educate our Middle School students about high school and the opportunities that Clover Garden offers them and High School students about college and career opportunities that await them after graduation from high school. Education is the main focus, but we also want to excite students about the potential that they harness in order to make their big dreams happen.  Mission Accepted will help provide the skills and tools our students need to succeed.   During our first event on Friday, October 1st, we will have eight colleges/universities on campus virtually. Representatives from East CarolinaUNC-WilmingtonUNC-CharlotteUNC-GreensboroElon UniversityGreensboro CollegeAppalachian State, and NC A&T will answer student questions, give virtual tours, and educate our ninth through twelfth graders on their respective campuses, the application process, and more. There will be other sessions hosted by CGS faculty and staff that discuss searching for an applying for scholarships, paying for college, and more.  We are excited about this program and future events to come this year!!  If you have questions regarding this program please email Mr. Baker, Mrs. Reagan or Ms. Peel.


Parents, please find a copy of our October lunch menu attached.  Please review it carefully as you place your order at  Remember we adhere to a seven day ordering window.  This means that all pre-orders must be placed seven days prior to the serving date.

Please see the links below if you are in need of any assistance. 

Please see above for adding funds to your student account. Please make sure your account is no more than $50 in the negative.  If your student’s account is more than $50 in the negative he/she will not be allowed to purchase a la carte items and charge them to their account.  

Reach out if you have any questions to our Cafeteria Coordinator, Mrs. Quimby.


  • Please see the attachments in regards to updates/information for our CGS Athletics program.

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