The deadline to register for the CGS Blended Enrichment Experience (B.E.E.) is approaching quickly. You have until Friday, February 26th to secure your student’s spot!

B.E.E. is an on-campus test prep opportunity for students in grades six through eleven that are enrolled in a class that requires an EOG or EOC. The overall goal of our B.E.E is to help students prepare for end-of-year standardized testing. Beginning March 15th registered students will be on campus from 1:00 P.M. until 3:00 P.M. and located in PODS of fifteen or less. These students will receive direct, teacher-led instruction on topics relevant to their class.

To register use this link. Please note that a survey must be completed for each middle or high school student you wish to enroll. Courses offering a B.E.E. include:

  • Middle School: 6th grade (ELA and Math)
  • Middle School: 7th grade (ELA and Math)
  • Middle School: 8th grade (ELA, Math, Science)
  • Middle School: Math 1
  • High School: Math 1
  • High School: Math 3 or Honors Math 3
  • High School: Biology and Biology Honors
  • High School: English 2

Once you have registered your student, and all registrations are collected, you will be contacted with more information on scheduling and other details.

This opportunity does not replace the daily CANVAS instruction provided by classroom teachers. Instead, it is an additional service CGS has chosen to provide in order to support our Grizzlies. It is our hope that B.E.E. will help deepen student learning and ease some of the anxiety associated with end-of-year testing. If you have questions about this opportunity please reach out to Mrs. Reagan, Mr. Cheek, or Mrs. Garrison.


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