As you know for the past three years Clover Garden has used The Hero Builder as part of of our character education strategy! The Hero Builder program teaches our faculty, staff, and students that they can be a hero with great character.  Each week a new Hero Action Word (character trait) is introduced.  Students learn the definition of the character trait, what living out the character trait looks like, and the benefits that come with having that type of character.

The program has been successful with numerous students being nominated for Grizzly Hero recognition. Our teachers and staff have noticed students stepping up and being the hero they were born to be.

Earlier this week Mrs. Moore had the opportunity to participate in the The HERO Builder Podcast where she was able to speak on how our school has used the Hero Builder Program and the successes it has helped us achieve.

Take a few minutes to listen in as Mrs. Moore shares the positive things going on at Clover Garden and who her personal hero is! Way to go Mrs. Moore!


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