Welcome back to the fourth installment of our #workfromhomeWednesday series and the first of this school year. Today we are looking in on one of our awesome kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Hvozdovic.

Q: What does your typical distance teaching day look like? How have you had to adapt to teaching virtually?

A: I am constantly checking my email. I sit in front of my laptop and grade, plan, or communicate with families and staff member from the moment I wake up to around dinner time. I try my best to enjoy my own family time after dinner but it is difficult to disconnect from my emails.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge during the quarantine and time of distance learning? *

A: My biggest challenge is making the material engaging and fun! I want it to be simple for all families but I miss making crafts and singing songs and exploring with manipulatives and saying chants to help us learn the material.

What do you miss most about traditional school?

A: EVERYTHING!!!! I miss the interactions with students, I miss gathering on the carpet and learning, I miss the noise, I miss the songs, I miss the laughter, I miss it all… soooo much!!!

Prior to COVID-19 what was your favorite memory from the CGS 2019-2020 school year? *

A: My favorite memory was lunch time with my kiddos. I loved being able to sit with different second grade friends daily and learn more about my students’ personalities and their own lives. I loved these moments so much!

What do you wear while teaching…be honest?

A: Most days I wear jeans and a comfy t-shirt. Sometimes my pajamas, it’s my Friday treat!

Shoutout to Mrs. Hvozdovic for giving us a glimpse into her day. Thanks for all you are doing to keep your students engaged, learning, and reminded that CGS loves them!