Good morning, Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year at Clover Garden School! We are excited to kick off our 20th year in operation with you and your family!  

Please read the following “Welcome Back” letter carefully as it contains very valuable information that you will need to know for this school year. 

Please make sure that everyone completes the technology survey found in the attached letter. We will be using this information to:

 1.       Confirm your student(s) continued enrollment at CGS

2.       Make sure that your student has access to an electronic device prior to beginning remote learning 

Please refrain from purchasing school supplies at this time. Teachers will be “updating” supply lists once we are able to return to school.  

Important Dates to keep in mind:

Kindergarten Assessment Schedules will be emailed to Kindergarten Parents on: 7/6/20

Canvas Training for Parents: Instructions sent out on: 7/17/20

1st-5th grade student schedules will be emailed to parents on: 7/20/20

6th grade student schedules will be emailed to parents on: 7/21/20

7th/8th grade student schedules will be emailed to parents on: 7/22/20

Kindergarten Assessments: 7/22/20 and 7/23/20

High School Student Schedules will be emailed to parents/students on: 7/23/20

Kindergarten Classroom Assignments will be emailed to parents on: 7/24/20

1st day of remote learning: 7/28/20 

At this time, all summer/fall extra-curricular activities including band camp and athletic events/practices are “on hold/cancelled” until further notice.

We will update you as we are given guidance from the state of when COVID-19 restrictions lift. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Enjoy the remainder of the summer! 

As always, thanks for all that you do, 

Mrs. Vereyken
Director/PrincipalClover Garden School
(336) 586-9440 ext. 305



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