Makalah Nunn

In the Senior Spotlight this morning we find Makalah Nunn. Makalah is yet another Grizzly that started Kindergarten with us and is now completing high school! During her high school years, Makalah participated in Dance Team, Spanish Club, FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Jazz Band, and Soccer.

After graduation Makalah plans to attend GTCC here she will start her transfer study. After completing her first two years at GTCC she plans to transfer to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and pursue a degree in psychology. Once she has finished her education Makalah hopes to work with children as a child therapist. Great plan Makalah!

When asked what she felt the Class of 2020 would be remembered for Makalah replied, “The class of 2020 will also be known as the COVID 19 Graduates.”

Being a Grizzly since Kindergarten Makalah had many wonderful memories from her educational journey thus far. She couldn’t choose just one as her favorite. Instead, she stated “Being with my friends every day making memories and always getting in trouble for eating in class.” would be what she treasured most.

As with all of our seniors Makalah wishes to thank several people that been a positive influence in her life. “The first teacher I would thank would be Mr. Bostic, thank you for always making me cry in class but also teaching me something as well. My second teacher would be Mrs. Wilson, oh Lord what would I do without you, you always knew how to tell me to be quiet that’s why I sat alone in you’re class. Thank you for teaching me how to be my self and not let others distract me. My third choice would be my Grandparents, even though I went through school without my actual parents my grandparents were there to support me and help me through it. Thank you, mama and papa, for always being there for me when I had no one. My last teacher would have to be Mr. Kistler, thank you for all the amazing trips you planned for us. I got to make some amazing memories with my friends. Thanks for killing my hand when we had to do notes in your class it was a pain but I learned something from it.

Makalah we are very proud of your accomplishments and plans for the future! Your Grizzly family can’t wait to see where you go from here!


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