We are starting a new Q&A series here on the blog. Each Wednesday we will spotlight a different teacher and what distance learning looks like for them.

Quarantine and school closures have been hard on everyone including students and teachers. Here is a glimpse inside the day of one of awesome Kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Otey.

Q: What does your typical distance teaching day look like? How have you had to adapt to teaching virtually?

A: I am in front of my computer and on the phone constantly during the day answering e-mails and working with Mrs. Davis on planning for the following week. I attend meetings daily somedays I have more meetings than others. I also have three children of my own that I am trying to juggle their class zoom meetings and assignments.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge during the quarantine and time of distance learning? *

A: Not being able to see my students each day, I can check in on them and we can be together virtually but in our classroom, we are a family and I feel like we didn’t get to prepare for this. When I am with my students on Zoom and we can see each other it’s wonderful but sometimes it’s a real struggle not to get emotional because I miss them and being in the classroom.

What do you miss most about traditional school?

A: I miss absolutely everything about traditional school! The one thing that I really miss would be my students coming in, smiling, giving me a hug and being able to stand up in front of them and teach with them in the classroom. I love being able to work with my students in small groups that need additional help, being able to reach out and follow along with them in their book as they are reading. I just want to be with my students.

Prior to COVID-19 what was your favorite memory from the CGS 2019-2020 school year? *

A: When we were having pajama day in kindergarten, I promised my students I would wear mine. I went out and bought some new fun polka dots and told my students all about them! Mrs. Vereyken sent out an e-mail to wear flannel that day for our Christmas party. I went to work in a plaid flannel shirt and polka dot pajama pants because I had promised my students I would wear them…it was a fun day and my students loved it!

What do you wear while teaching…be honest?

A: Every day is a jeans day (but the camera doesn’t know)!!! 🙂

Shoutout to Mrs. Otey for giving us a glimpse into her day. Thanks for all you are doing to keep your kinders engaged, learning, and reminded that CGS loves them!


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