Last week our high school students and parents participated in College Ready Seminar that taught them how to prepare for college. The main focus of these activities was to assist students in turning their college dreams into reality.

eleventh grade presentation on college preparedness

Speakers from various branches of the military; were on-site and shared how joining the military is a great option to help pay for college, gain technical skills, and travel the world. Students were reminded that there are hundreds of different technical ‘jobs’ within the military that they can receive training for and then bring those skills into the workforce and/or use them once enrolled in college. Students also discussed trade schools and the different fields that offer this type of opportunity.

ninth grade presentation on college preparedness

Teachers took time to review what each grade level should do in order to prep for college. This ranges from creating a CFNC account, to taking standardized tests, to requesting letters of reference from teachers and community members.

ninth grade presentation on college preparedness

Juniors took part in a mock Admissions Acceptance Panel where they had to determine which student would get an offer letter based on their academic performance and the school’s admittance requirements. This interactive exercise helped our students realize the competitive nature of college admissions and how they must have a plan in order to gain acceptance to their ‘dream college or university’. Having a back-up school was also discussed. Students were reminded how they should have a back-up plan just in case they don’t receive an acceptance letter from their ‘dream school’.

Attached is a copy of the College Ready Seminar presentation.

Students were also shown web-based tools that can help as they research and apply to colleges and universities. Each of these sites contains great info for parents and students alike.

Common App
SAT Prep
ACT Prep
College Board
Khan Academy