Our CGS teachers are always looking for innovative ways to bring their lessons to life. That is just what our second grade team did yesterday with vocabulary words. Each student was assigned a lanyard and vocabulary word (tremble, delectable, void, etc). The lanyard was worn around the neck and showed a new vocabulary word on one side and the definition on the other. Faculty, staff and fellow students were encouraged to ask, “Who are you?” In reply, the second grader would reply with the vocabulary word, give the meaning and use the vocab word in a sentence.

Today the second graders will rotate words and get to practice ‘being’ another word. Students were excited and all too willing to share the new words they are learning. Not only are they expanding their vocabulary but they are also gaining confidence to share their knowledge and enhanced people skills.

If you are in the building soon please stop a second grader and ask, “Who are you?”

Who Are You? – Second Grade


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